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After a 30 year career in tech and serving as Chief Business Officer at Google [X], Google's 'moonshot factory' of innovation, Mo has made happiness his primary topic of research, diving deeply into literature and conversing on the topic with some of the wisest people in the world.


In 2014, motivated by the tragic loss of his son, Ali, Mo began pouring his findings into his international bestselling book, Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy. His mission to help one billion people become happier, #OneBillionHappy, is his moonshot attempt to honor Ali by spreading the message that happiness can be learned and shared.


In 2020, Mo launched his global, chart-topping podcast, Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat, in which he conducts extraordinary interviews with his wisest friends to explore the profound questions and obstacles we all face in the pursuit of purpose in our lives.

His latest book is Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save Our World, a blueprint to safeguard humanity's coexistence with future technology that poses unprecedented risks.

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Scary Smart:

The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save Our World

by Mo Gawdat

Technology is putting our humanity at risk to an unprecedented degree. This book is not for engineers who write the code or the policy makers who claim they can regulate it. This is a book for you.


Because, believe it or not, you are the only one that can fix it.

"The very essence of what makes us human - happiness, compassion and love - is what will save humanity in the age of the machines."



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