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Happiness with Mo Gawdat

Would you like to feel more in control of your own thoughts? Do you want more happiness in your life? Rooted in scientific research and data, learn practical tools that will help you get the most out of life with Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer at Google X, bestselling author, and host of the popular mental health podcast, Slo Mo.

Happiness can be learned and mastered like any other skill.

Hit the mind gym with Mo Gawdat – in this course you'll learn how to cultivate daily contentment, build resilience against burnout, and gain a deeper understanding of how the brain processes personal joy. Mo offers a unique perspective on the universal pursuit of happiness, exploring the science behind it, sharing techniques to help fortify your mind against stress, as well as simple mood-boosting meditations. Designed to transform your approach to well-being, this online course will provide practical tools for maintaining an optimistic mindset reinforced with insights into positive psychology. 

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